Other Services

Our consulting services cover also legal, financial, tax matters as well as environmental protection and PSI issues.

Retail House offers a valuable support to its clients in terms of legal and financial consultancy that plays an integrated roll in their decision –making processes in both ways increase opportunities and overlay difficulties in the current economic environment

At the same time any economic activity must be adjusted as much as possible to have a low impact on the environment.The regulatory framework on environmental protection is a complex one and often leaves room for interpretation. Even more so, the legislation is constantly changing in order to adjusts itself to the directives and requirements of the EU.


Here's what we can do for you:

  • Framing the company in an area of responsibility towards the environment;
  • Environmental operational and administrative procedures;
  • Environmental management programs;
  • Waste Management.

"Protecting the environment" is not a cliché, but a necessity arising out of the biospheres degradation. This is caused mainly due to the irrational use of resources, and  also pollution. Call our experts to assist you  in reaching  the environmental targets required for your company.

  • Fire Protection & Labor protection

  • Environment Protection

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