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How to increase sales. How to cut costs. How to grow through innovation. How to make better decisions. How to make the business worth more.

Andreea Lupea

Managing Partner
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Every retail business is unique due to a number of factors: location, consumers, local suppliers.

Sound advice from a retail consultancy firm can determine a more effective way to deal with local experience, environment and culture. It is important to act now, to be one step ahead of your competitors, that’s why we offer a complete range of solutions, services, programs and workshops for employees and business space with guaranteed results.
We want to do today what competion is thinking to do tomorrow.

Adriana Piţa

Strategic Partner
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Communication the driving force in any organization

Our know-how in creative communications combined with a contemporary approach provides unparalleled corporate communication and PR services to our clients across different industries. What it sets us noticeably apart in our field, is our ability to build a positive and convincing relationship between an organization and its audience with the specific intent of generating valuable business for our clients.

What makes a good manager? I'd say his ability to act now. What makes great companies? Managers that know their role.

Stefan Runcanu

Marketing Director & Partner
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It is not enough to be creative, it’s a must to gain results from that creativity

Customers are the source of real growth, so we are able to combine in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in marketing technics to help our clients, both local and international companies, in enhancing their corporate reputation and brand equity for a sustainable, organic growth.

Don’t be stuck in a process forever. Have the courage to do new things now.

Anca Vizireanu

Strategic Partner
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Why hire us? We are top performers from highly competitive business areas.

We don't just provide strategic advice, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver full solutions that ensure excellent outcome, exceed our clients expectations and consolidate a long term partnership in an efficient and reliable manner.

Learn how quickly things you change today can increase your business.

Our business philosophy

We believe in INNOVATION as the true engine for business advance. Our solutions are tested and our team offers end to end approach in implementing them.

  • Retail Strategy100%
  • Customer Approach100%
  • Operational Planning100%
  • Marketing Positioning100%

We create opportunities for each other.