Water Smart Shop

Water irreplaceable source for living!

A business opportunity!

1What is Water Smart Shop ?
  • Water Smart Shop is the concept of selling drinkable water, still or carbonated, for incredibly low prices.
  • It operates automatic machines of filtering and cooling water, as well as producing carbonated water.
  • Water Smart Shop is a business model, operational in Romania since 2014.
  • The philosophy of Smart Water Shop is economy with good quality! An affordable option of buying drinking pure water, using a high standards purification technology than the bottled water from stores.
  • The business model ”Water Smart Shop” was developed in two versions:
    • Full management option deliver by seller/ franchiser
    • Full management option ensure by buyer/ franchisee
2The advantages of Smart Water Shop franchise
  1. It comes with a small primary investment compared to any other franchise for such a concept: from 10.100 euros without VAT (depending on location, equipment or the business solution chosen), so you can start and develop a business that can bring a consistent monthly profit.
  2. It has a payback period of 3 years.
  3. It is a turn-key business, ready to operate the next day. The concept involves the receiving of the whole ”know-how”, of the maintenance service, of the operational management service and receiving the entire package of performance evaluation reports (franchise manual).
  4. It offers a huge and fast flexibility and mobility because of the conceptual model of location replacement, if the initial one does not performs as by the expectations.
  5. It comes with a very simple operational model : small assortment, high volume, simple operation and a training level that not requires a major investment.
  6. You will receive a complete assistance for all the domains in the business before and after the location’s opening: marketing, training, consultancy, development plans, and any other requests from the franchisee.
  7. We address to the investors who want a medium turn-key business with a short payback time, to the ones that are looking to invest in a profitable way with zero effort.
  8. There are not any eligibility criteria, only a person’s or a company’s will to put their money to work .
3Concept Water Smart Shop
  • The water is a vital element for the human organism and its quality together with the consumed quantity can have beneficial influences to the organism. Also, the human body contains not less than 70% water.
  • In all the cultural traditions all over the world, since antiquity until today, water was considered to be one of the essential elements of existence.
  • The Water Smart Shop products are addressing to the local communities, especially to people with low and medium incomes.
  • About machines:
    • purify water (UV lamp)
    • 3 level water filtering system
    • produce carbonated water
    • cooling water
  • To assemble this machine it is necessary:
    • 2 mp area for the outside machine; 0.6 mp area for the inside machine.
    • 220 v power supply.
    • Water supply from the public network.
  • Location model: squares, crowded areas, in the middle of the crowded blocks, small cities and campuses.
  • In the business solution, the location is offered with the functioning and contracts for a 5 year period with the possibility to extend it.
  • Expected costs :from 10.100 euro without VAT, the FULL OPTIONS PACK. It includes the location’s choice, authorizations and contracts for space for a 5 year period, full management: operational, technical.
  • The initial franchise fee: 100 euro without VAT/ machine.
  • The full management fee will be deducted as a percent from the profit.
  • The Water Smart Shop franchise’s costs varies from the chosen business solution and it represents your investment in machines, authorizations, connectivity and franchise fee.
  • Payback investment period: maximum 3 years.
  • From the experience of the machines already installed the medium monthly profit: 400 euro.

A smart solution for pure water !